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W O W!

I’m super allergic to flea bites, and this little gadget helps so much! Top bite in the photo is 4 days old and untreated. Bottom bite circled is 1.5 days old and was treated about an hour after being bit. Every bite I’ve treated in a timely manner never swells up or itches.

Working great so far!

This is with the new bait

Very happy with ours

Everyone should buy at least 2 for this upcoming season. These traps are safe around animals and kids . And they last longer than the original fly strips which are gross and not safe around kids. Messy. Ewww. Way easier to clean

Working well for us

I just wanted to say your traps are amazing! They are working great

Better than sticky traps

Having alot of farm animals means having alot if flies which I hate. The Ranch Fly Trap eliminates the flies without those sticky and gross fly traps.

The Ranch Pest Control
Bonnie Minder
The best in the business

I prefer the old design for catching more flies but prefer the new design for dumping and refilling.

They trap flies by the thousands!

I had the older one when I lived in Lexington, Michigan, near all farms. I had seen one in California and so I went to my local feed store and had them order me one. They never heard of them so they ordered 3. They sold there two immediately and reordered more. These things are absolutely awesome and they trap the flies by the thousands!!!

The Ranch Pest Control
Jennifer Pinder
I love the three I have!

I have dogs, so the traps have to be where the dogs can't get them. I empty them every week, and one of my traps even has a very fat, happy lizard!

Great traps

Just put this up yesterday and my back deck is already rid of so many flys. I can open my slider door without letting 10 flies in!